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Ten Things I Found - Issue #1

Ten Things I Found - Issue #1
By Andy Peacock • Issue #1 • View online
Hi, and thanks for subscribing.
As mentioned on the subscription page, this is a simple newsletter, to share 10 resources that I think you might find useful if:
  1. You’re a maker/creator/indie hacker/nocoder/developer, and
  2. Creating software-based services and products.
(So I won’t be covering design or artistic tools, other than those that let me cover-up my own appalling design genes).
But I won’t just list the resources - I’ll add some comments about why I think they’re good. Maybe I’ll mention a key feature they have that makes them stand out from their competitors. Maybe an idea on how they can be used. Maybe just my own meandering experience in that area and how the tool could be useful.
But whatever I add, I hope you find it useful.
So, without any further ado, here’s the first 10 things I’ve found:

First, a couple of design-related resources:
Actionable Color Palettes
Next, some longer-form articles which hopefully give you something to think about:
Guide: Make Money Building Shopify Micro-SaaS Apps
Next, two tools that you can use to enhance your website functionality:
A couple of Twitter-related resources next:
Bipdash — Library of the creator economy
Twemex: Sidebar for Twitter
And finally, a couple of miscellaneous resources:
I hate that word “miscellaneous”. It implies these aren’t useful, but that’s not the case. They just don’t fit with the themes of the other resources.
Notions' Data Model
Product Hunt Hunters Leaderboard
And there we go. Ten things I found.
I hope you found them useful. Let me know what you think (whether it’s good or bad) on Twitter. Or just hit the thumbs-up/down below.
Till next time, be well, keep focused, and deliver.
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Andy Peacock

Irregular newsletter with the latest 10 resources (tools, services, articles, twitter threads, and more) that I think indie creators might find useful.

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