Ten Things I Found - Issue #2



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Ten Things I Found - Issue #2
By Andy Peacock • Issue #2 • View online
Welcome to issue 2 of 10 Things I Found.
It’s been a busy month in the nocode space, so if that’s an area you’re interested in, I shared some of the news here.
And keep on reading for some other resources I’ve discovered recently. I hope you find something useful.

Recommended resource:
Bipdash — Library of the creator economy
A couple of design-related resources next
Actionable Color Palettes
openBuild | Build Better with Bubble
Recently, I’ve found a few longer reads that are quite interesting:
Make Money Building Shopify Micro-SaaS Apps
The data model behind Notion's flexibility
Next up, a couple of useful tools to add to your website to give it greater functionality:
CommentBox.io - No ads. No Tracking. Just Comments.
And finally, a couple of useful resources to help with your marketing:
Product Hunt hunters leaderboard | Upvote Bell
Twemex: Sidebar for Twitter - Chrome Web Store
And that’s it for this issue.
Did you find it useful? Let me know what you think.
Did you enjoy this issue?
Andy Peacock

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